Car Loans for Less than Perfect Credit

Car Loans for Less than Perfect Credit

Prior to considering applying for a bad credit auto loan, there certain things which you need to take into account so as to improve your chances of obtaining approval. Getting approved for a car loan with bad credit is never an easy task and if your auto finance application has been denied earlier, it is always desirable to seek help for redoubling your effort to get fast approved for a solution that easily fits your unique car loan financing needs as well as budget. This is despite the fact that you do have an alternative for getting a vehicle financed through Tote-The-Note dealerships. Usually, these do not report borrower’s car payments to credit bureaus.


What You Need To Know About Bad Credit car Loan


When you receive expert assistance from a national automotive finance company, you get enabled to follow a systematic approach beginning with an assessment of your credit profile. It is important that you know whether your credit is really that bad. Credit bureaus have their own parameters for rating borrowers’ creditworthiness and so the scores are likely to vary from bureau to bureau. However, your FICO score or VantageScore is normally accepted by lenders for assessing risks involved in lending money.


Here is some information about why there are differences between credit scores of the country’s 3 major credit bureaus.


  1. Some lenders report debt payments to one or two credit bureaus.
  2. It might take longer for one specific bureau to account for the new creditor.
  3. It may also happen that one credit bureau takes more time for removing older repaid debts of record.
  4. There is a chance that all or either of the credit bureaus is reporting incorrect or incomplete information pertaining to the borrower. 


The aforesaid factors make credit scores differ from bureau to bureau. Nevertheless, lenders make use of “auto enhanced” scores for determining overall risks in providing car financing credit services. Therefore, you need to find out where your credit score fits in.


To understand what is being implied, here’s an example of how exactly Experian measures two credit scores:


Super prime:


FICO Score: 740 plus


VantageScore: 801-990




FICO Score: 680-739


Vantage Score: 701-800




FICO Score: 620-679


VantageScore: 641-700




FICO Score: 550-619


VantageScore: 601-640


Deep subprime:


FICO Score: less than 550


VantageScore: 501-600


As We See It


If you know your exact credit score, you can determine if you can obtain approval for an auto loan with less than perfect credit. Accordingly, if you have a FICO score that is the range 550 to 640 and some previous car loan history could greatly boost your probability of getting approved.


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