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If you are looking to get approved for 500 credit score car loan then we can be of help. CarLoansQuickApproval specializes in enabling probable applicants in exploring options on car loans despite their having poor credit. Take advantage of our free application to secure financing that is easy to manage as well as sustain.

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How To Get Car Loan with 500 Credit Score?

Obtaining approval for a car loan with 500 credit score can be highly challenging unless you try your luck with non-standard lenders that specialize in providing car loans to subprime borrowers. Besides, to save money while getting a vehicle financed, it could be much better if you follow few guidelines.

Check Your Credit Status
Obtain free annual copy of your credit report from all credit bureaus and make sure that it is correct and accurate.
Shop Around
Undertake extensive research and compare free quotes offered by several specialized local lenders to determine the best quote for your credit circumstances.
Opt for Shorter Loan Term
if you select short loan duration, the monthly payments could be slightly higher but you can repay the dues quickly and build credit much faster.
Get your Car Loan Co-signed
Getting a good co-signer to co-sign the auto loan can help you to secure an early approval as your lender gets necessary assurance that the money being lent is recoverable.
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Factors To Consider Before Applying for 500 Credit Score Auto Loan

You can easily avoid being stuck with high interest rates by taking some urgent steps for improving your credit profile before you apply for free quotes. In addition, you may also take the below mentioned factors into consideration for saving some extra money.

  • Buy a Good Conditioned Used Car

    With bad credit, it is always desirable to consider buying a used car that is still quite new and has some market worth. Interest rates charged for financing of used vehicles are high but as money borrowed is less the payments could be manageable.

  • Avoid Expensive Add-on Features

    Sales representatives at car dealerships may coax you to purchase pricey add-ons such as paint protection, rustproofing, VIN etching, extra warranties, etc. These can hike car’s selling price and so, you need to be firm in resisting these features, as that will increase the loan amount.

  • Make Extra Payments If Possible

    Whenever possible you must try to make additional payments towards principal loan balance, as it will help in getting rid of the borrowed money quickly. To ensure that, you can consider cutting down on unnecessary expenses every month for a temporary period.

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