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If you are thinking of buying a car in near future for someone else who has a licence to drive it, you can apply for car finance without license. Having a car has now become a necessity for solving day-to-day transportation problems. Hours get wasted in public transport systems and so, getting a vehicle within your budget could be the only way out.

CarLoansQuickApproval can assist you in your effort to finance a car without license within minutes despite you’re not having valid driver’s license. Get access to:

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Few Situations in which You Can Get Car Finance without License

There could be certain specific situations wherein lenders may not require borrowers to give copy of valid driver’s license for car financing. For example, your unlicensed teen intends to purchase car for learning how to drive. You, as a parent, can co-sign the loan and provide details of your existing auto insurance policy. Some loan dealers may approve your teen’s car loan request even if he/she doesn’t have valid driver’s license as yet.

Alternatively, if your spouse is an unlicensed driver but has a good income and wants to buy car then applying for no drivers license car finance could be the solution. Many spouses don’t drive cars because of whatever reasons but lenders may approve their applications for enabling them to get cars of their liking financed. Lenders are out to do business and if applicants have good credit, majority of them will approve car finance applications.

Learn How to Get Approved for Car Finance without a Driving Licence

To finance a car without a driver’s license, you may have to provide valid ID proof to the lender you have chosen to work with. In the absence of driver’s license, you can offer copy some other ID document that is issued by government. However, if you decide to buy car by paying cash, you might not be required to give any proof for identification.

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Things to Consider Before Applying For Car Loan without License

It is perfectly possible to get approved for car finance without license. But after you get car on finance, you will be needed to apply and get at least provisional driver’s license, as is mandated by federal and state driving laws, to drive your car legally on road.

Nevertheless, if you thinking of buying used car from a private party, you must make sure that there is no lien attached to the car title. It could risk the process of obtaining an early approval. To learn more about the subject, talk to one of our competent experts today!

Finance a Car without License Faster and Easier

You can explore several options to finance a car without a license with the help of our nationwide network, regardless of the current state of your finances. We may enable you to determine the best lender for your unique financial and credit situation. Our expert advice will prevent you from overpaying on your vehicle.

CarLoansQuickApproval has nationwide network for helping borrowers to finance new or used cars at affordable rates for well over two decades now. Hence, with our guidance, you might not only save time and money but may also make an informed decision on your car purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need to common car financing questions

Do I need to pay down payment to get car finance with no license required?

It is not necessary to pay down payment for finance a car without a driver’s license. However, a low loan-to-value ratio (LTV) can help you in obtaining an early approval for a car loan no license.

Can you finance a car without a license?

Well, it is possible to finance a car without license although approving of your application is absolutely at the lenders’ discretion. To make decision whether you are worthy of giving credit, lenders will review personal and financial information in application.

Do you need a driver’s license to finance a car?

While you can get a vehicle financed without driver’s license, the real difficulty that you will face is in getting it insured. Just make sure that you are 18 years in age and sufficient income for paying instalments. You may have to get temporary driver’s license.

Where can I finance a car without a license?

The internet is the best place to find lenders specialise in providing car finance with no license required. Thankfully, we have them as our partners in our nationwide lending network.

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